CEP Pro+ Calf Sleeves 2.0 Mens Red

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  • Go to the tip of the table with more flexibility.
  • Economical in the foot part, generous in the oxygen supply to the calf muscles
  • Anatomical fit for wrinkle-free fit
  • Breathable material
  • Be More Flexible!
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Now you can train effectively and your legs will still feel light – with the compression sleeves. The ultra-thin, ultra-light and breathable fabric ensures superior wearing comfort and the optimum thermal balance for your feet even on hot days. The minimally padded foot section guarantees a comfortable and secure fit no matter how close-fitting your running shoes are. The proven medi compression features an effective and precisely defined compression profile that helps you perform at your peak and recover faster. You won’t find a better running partner than the Ultralight Run Socks.

For athletes, staying fit and healthy is the highest priority. This is why CEP developed highly innovative supports, sleeves and a posture-improving shirt in collaboration with top athletes, renowned sports medicine specialists and experienced physiotherapists. These high-tech compression products protect and stabilize your body and are optimized for high-impact workouts and sports.

What drives us? Making you stronger. Pushing your body to the next level in peak phases for that extra bit of performance. We give your body the support it needs, when it needs it so that you feel good after your workout or competition. We make your body stronger and prepare it for tough challenges when you need a performance boost.

Like a battery, your body needs to recharge efficiently so that you are always ready to deliver peak performance. An ergonomic compression profile promotes circulation and speeds up the removal of waste products such as lactates. This means less soreness, no tired legs and more energy in record time for the next stage of training and competition.

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