Asics Mens Ss14 Performance Black 2n1 Woven Shorts

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Its designed to: 

  • provide muscle support with inner tights that lightly compress the muscles 
  • enable smooth movement with tights and shorts are unrestrictive 
  • store your valuables with a back pocket for phones and MP3 players
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Support and comfort combined.

  • Run smoother with a pair of shorts that are lined by muscle-supporting tights.
  • The 2in1 shorts give you the unrestricted movement of shorts combined with inner short tights that provide useful muscle support.
  • Together they give you improved performance and reduced muscle fatigue.
  • The tights are made out of a lightweight fabric that stretches in 4 directions and doesnt affect your movement, meaning you can run cleanly and for longer.
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Brand Asics
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